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Hot Grilled Breakfast "Sammies"


House Specials

Please let us know if you want any of these sandwiches served plated instead of made into a sandwich. We’ll be glad to put your bread on the side.

Stuffed French Toast


This is a nice change from ordinary French toast. Double-thick slices of  Orange Almond French Toast stuffed with our pastry cream.  Served with maple syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Substitute Croissant


Benedict's Best

BC’s  French Toast


Scrambled Eggs, Black Forest Ham, Muenster Cheese, Roasted Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Hollandaise Sauce.

This is so good.  Thick-slices of Viennese bread soaked in our special Egg Batter, sprinkled with lots of strawberries and our very own whipped cream.  Served with Maple Syrup. 

Eggs, Bacon & Cheez Pleez

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Muenster & Colby Jack Cheeses,  Red & Green Bell Peppers,  and Tomatoes.

Hot Oatmeal


Feeling virtuous?  Have a bowl of Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and your choice of Fat-Free or 2% milk. 

Green (onions) Eggs & Ham

Scrambled Eggs, Black Forest Ham, sautéed Green Onions, Bell Peppers and spicy Pepper Jack Cheese.

Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait


Layers and layers of good-for-you, start-the-day-out-right STUFF!    

New!  Eggs & More

Scrambled Eggs, tomato, bacon and mayo w/choice of ham, turkey, or avocado.


Side of Bacon or Ham


Fresh Fruit Salad


New! Pork and Eggs

Toast w/ Butter & Jam


Scrambled eggs with our signature pulled pork and pepper jack cheese. It is a MUST!

Hot Oatmeal Add-ons


Cranberries, Walnuts, Raisins, or Pecans

Go all the way and add bacon!


Make It My Way

Pick your own fillings and  we’ll grill it up for you!

Choose from…



Bell Peppers


Colby Jack

Green Onions


Pepper Jack


Hollandaise Sauce OR Roasted Mushrooms